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[Health-dev] [bug #62629] Missing requires on setup

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-dev] [bug #62629] Missing requires on setup
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 12:50:56 -0400 (EDT)

Update of bug #62629 (project health):

                  Status:                    None => Need Info              
                 Release:                    None => 4.0.0                  


Follow-up Comment #3:

Thanks, Sergi / Gerald!

When using the standard / vanilla installation, all the python dependencies
are met, so there are no errors. In addition, if you need to update the deps,
you can run gnuhealth-control instpydeps.

For individual packages, we can work on their corresponding requires at setup
scripts as you've done in the patch. 

This is the current dependency list that are delivered at installation time.

   # Python packages
    local PIP_LXML="lxml"
    local PIP_RELATORIO="relatorio"
    local PIP_WRAPT="wrapt"
    local PIP_WERKZEUG="werkzeug<2"
    local PIP_DATEUTIL="python-dateutil"
    local PIP_PSYCOPG2="psycopg2-binary"
    local PIP_PYTZ="pytz"
    local PIP_LDAP="python-ldap"
    local PIP_VOBJECT="vobject"
    local PIP_QRCODE="qrcode"
    local PIP_PYBARCODE="python-barcode"
    local PIP_SIX="six"
    local PIP_PILLOW="Pillow"
    local PIP_CALDAV="caldav"
    local PIP_POLIB="polib"
    local PIP_SQL="python-sql"
    local PIP_STDNUM="python-stdnum"
    local PIP_SIMPLEEVAL="simpleeval"
    local PIP_CONFIGPARSER="configparser"
    local PIP_WEBDAV3="pywebdav3-gnuhealth"
    local PIP_BCRYPT="bcrypt"
    local PIP_NUMPY="numpy"
    local PIP_UNOCONV="unoconv"
    local PIP_MAGIC="python-magic"
    local PIP_BEREN="beren==0.7.0"
    local PIP_PENDULUM="pendulum"
    local PIP_MATPLOTLIB="matplotlib"
    local PIP_PASSLIB="passlib"
    local PIP_PYCOUNTRY="pycountry==20.7.3"
    local PIP_PROGRESSBAR="progressbar==2.2"
    local PIP_DEFUSEDXML="defusedxml"


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