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Re: [Health-dev] Localization German - new database on Raspi4 GH3.8

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Localization German - new database on Raspi4 GH3.8
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 17:30:27 +0200
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Dear Luis

Am 28.04.2021 um 14:39 schrieb Luis Falcon:
Remember that some modules are kind of "mutually exclusive" (ICPM,
ICD-10, ICD11 ..) so having all activated in the same DB might not be a
good idea.

Very important point that we should rethink more in detail.

ICD-11 has the structure like "1A00" with always a letter on the second place, so it is easy always to distinguish between ICD-10 and ICD-11. The old conditions will still remain in the database, e.g. Ana Betz with E10 diabetes since 1993, and so on. For sure there will be a kind of translation table from ICD-11 to ICD-10 which will work in most cases. But it is much more dfficult to map from ICD-10 to ICD-11 since ICD-11 is more granular. And I do not think that we should make an automatical mapping from ICD-10 to ICD-11, but just keep the old codes and allow to be substituted by the user with a suggestion by the system (but not deleted, also from legal aspects of documenting at a specific time).

And I guess, it is the same problem with ICPM? Probably you mean mutually exclusive to ICD9procs and ICD10pcs? Maybe it depends on the hospital and which contracts they have with different insurances or obligations by the government. So I believe it is sometimes necessary to have different codes for the same patient and for the same disease or same procedure, as long as we can define who coded which entity at which time. At the end always the attending doctor is also responsible for the correct diagnoses and codes of a specific episode, but of course there will be coding personnel who will make a suggestion.

All the best


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