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Re: [Health-dev] [bug #59619] Charts don't work under flat XML ODT - fod

From: tumashu
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] [bug #59619] Charts don't work under flat XML ODT - fodt - files
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2020 08:36:16 +0800 (CST)

I will test the download speed of , by the way, what about download tryton and its modules using pip command in gnuhealth installer, we have many pip mirrors in China, so speed is very fast.


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From: "Axel Braun" <>
To: "Luis Falcon" <>, tumashu <>
Sent: Sat, 05 Dec 2020 19:58:50 +0100
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] [bug #59619] Charts don't work under flat XML ODT - fodt - files

Hey Tumashu,
Can you access
Schöne Grüße
Written from cell phone - excuses for typos

Am 5. Dezember 2020 15:23:51 MEZ schrieb Luis Falcon <>:
>Dear Tumashu
>On Sat, 5 Dec 2020 20:24:13 +0800 (CST)
>tumashu <> wrote:
>> Yestaday, I have try to install gnuhealth, tryton can not download at
>> all in China, 
>Hmm,  tryton download servers are in Europe, so you should be able to
>access, but we must double check the connections.
>>gnuhealth wiki can not open too,   I do not think wiki
>> is a good document place, document  include into release tarball
>> maybe better
>I agree. 
>Starting 3.8 we'll have the documentation of each component in RST
>format, and integrated to the VCS, so it will be part of the
>local tarball to view it locally, in addition to the web access.

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