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Re: [Health-dev] print prescription error

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] print prescription error
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 10:47:20 +0200
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Dear Armand,

Am 16.08.2020 um 06:28 schrieb Armand MPASSY-NZOUMBA:
 > ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 1, got 0)

> Has anyone an idea what I am doing wrong? Or is it a bug?

It is not a bug as such. I asked the same questions sometimes back in the general GNU Health mailing list. Luis advised to set the party's language. Under: Party-configuration

You may also set the language's value in the trytond.conf file

thank you very much for your advice! It works now!

Today I logged into the fresh federation server as demo_doctor, and then tried to make a prescription to Carlos, Roberto, and I got the message "no health professional associated to this user". So I logged in as admin and assigned for Cameron Cordara as Internal User "Health Doctor" instead of "Administrator". Then I set the language as english at Party Configuration - Party Sequence as you recommended and also at Administration-Users-Users-Preferences: English.

Logging in again as demo_doctor and creating a new prescription with ASS and generating validation worked, also with "Printing Report - Prescriptions". I had to save the document as pdf.

So there are two things for the demo-database: It would be great to assign for Dr. Cordara as internal user "demo_doctor" (Health Doctor) as default, and also with a language as preferences for this user.

All the best


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