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[Health-dev] ICD-10 Spanish

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: [Health-dev] ICD-10 Spanish
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 23:47:23 +0200
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Hello. Sorry for not being available enough.

I have been harvesting the page provided by the WHO official contact
point for Spanish. It is hosted by PAHO, an institution of Venezuela.

Spain MoH list is in

PAHO has 22 chapter names but unfortunately it has only:

  218 groups, type A00-A09
(Spain MoH list had 289)

  10587 IDs type  A00 or single digit after dot A00.1 etc
(Spain MoH list had 11768 lines)

  1967 subgroups A00-type only
(Spain MoH list had 1903)

  8620 unique IDs with a single digit after the dot A00.0
(Spain MoH list had 9865)

So I don't know if it is old/out of date or what.

Starting next Monday, I will have more time for this.
Francisco Vila, Ph.D. - Badajoz (Spain)
Tutoriales de LilyPond y Frescobaldi

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