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Re: [Health-dev] For testing. Immunization report ODT

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] For testing. Immunization report ODT
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 10:14:11 +0200
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El 9/7/20 a las 10:11, Francisco Vila escribió:
El 8/7/20 a las 16:49, Luis Falcon escribió:
I think that we should go for the Flat ODT format, as Francisco has
also suggested.

I will open a task to go through the conversion of the current GH ODT
documents to FODT.

Let me know your thoughts

This is very good news and a net improvement. My initial goal was a
clean, translatable document with saney applied styles, and now we are
going to have version-trackable office documents. Great!

Some care is needed to patch these files, though. I think is somewhat
easy to break them.  Maybe a protocol with some steps is needed, such as
open in libreoffice, modify, export, compare carefully, then patch. I'm
not sure, but what is certain is: this is a Good Thing.

Francisco Vila, Ph.D. - Badajoz (Spain)
Tutoriales de LilyPond y Frescobaldi

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