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Re: [Health-dev] [task #15141] Migration of Pootle server translate.gnus

From: Mathias Behrle
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] [task #15141] Migration of Pootle server
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 12:26:02 +0100

* Luis Falcon: " [Health-dev] [task #15141] Migration of Pootle server" (Fri,  4 Jan 2019 05:32:56 -0500 (EST)):

> Dear all
> The update of the new strings of GNU Health 3.4 HMIS node is taking a lot of
> resources and time in Pootle translation server. 
> Therefore, we are migrating the server to another platform with more
> resources, that hopefully will make it easier.
> Pootle is a great piece of software, but GNU Health has a massive amount of
> strings (especially in genetics and icd modules) that might require to look to
> an alternative solution for 3.6

Hi Luis,

thanks for taking care to get a more performant solution.

If you are migrating anyway, you could perhaps have a look at weblate [1][2]. I
have no personal experience, but according to what I read it seems way better
maintained than pootle. There is also a docker setup available [3], which could
ease a first test setup.

One feature of weblate appears to be very useful: for me it is very important
to have direct access to the translation repository or at least to have a
reliable way to upload (translated) po files directly. My last experiences with
pootle at were a PITA in this respect. Think e.g. at the
translation of icd10, which can be best made via a proteus script directly in
Tryton. Generally I usually still prefer to translate inside Tryton, because I
am much faster than any web interface could be. So the upload feature is a
basic requirement for me.

Best to you,



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