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[Health-dev] Error parsing data/health_sequences.xml when running tryton

From: Pablo Pedrotti
Subject: [Health-dev] Error parsing data/health_sequences.xml when running trytond-admin --all | GNU Health 3.2.9
Date: Tue, 29 May 2018 21:08:51 -0400


I experience an issue when trytond-admin --all fails to run after
enabling the health module in a Trytond server version 4.2.11 with GNU
Health version 3.2.9. The issue is not present if the health module is
disabled or not installed.

According to the output from trytond-admin --all -v (attached on
trytond-admin.log) the error happens while parsing the file
data/health_sequences.xml inside the GNU Health module.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install the package trytond_health==3.2.9 and psycopg with either
pip or pipenv - a Pipenv file is attached to this mail.

2. Configure a server with a Postgresql database, and configure Trytond.

3. Execute trytond_admin --all --update-modules-list -p to prepare the
database and set the admin password.

4. Enable the Health module and its dependencies from the web UI (sao).

5. Run trytond-admin --all again.

I have replicated this issue on both an Herokuish container (uses
Heroku builders and runtimes) and a Docker container deployed on
Dokku. The Docker container is created from a Dockerfile based on the
official Tryton container (attached).

The consequence of this issue is that it is harder to install and
update other modules after installing GNU Health. Also if the Health
module is disabled it can't be enabled again - trying to enable it
again appears to trigger the same bug.

I have a test server running two GNU Health instances (one from each
deployment method) affected from this issue that can be accessed for
debugging if necessary.

These are my Git repos with the files used for deploying to a Dokku
server - these are unfinished and need additional adjustments to be
reusable on other servers:

In case of doubt you can contact me at this mail address.

Yours Sincerely,
Pablo Pedrotti.


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