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[Health-dev] Newbies for GNU Health

From: Surachai Torwong
Subject: [Health-dev] Newbies for GNU Health
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:21:42 +0700

I try to install GNU Health 3.0.1 in Tryton (Neso 3.8.2)


1. Where can I find IPD (In-Patient Department) Module in GNU Health? Does GNU Health support IPD ?


2. After installing module 'Prescriptions' I can find pharmacy user but I can't find patient in GNU Health to proceed. Please suggest a solution.


3. Menu 'Appointments' --> 'New Work Schedule' appears on the screen but I can't access to the system because it displays an error as shown below. Please suggest a solution.
Inline image 1

4. After pasting module 'health_icu' and 'health_qrcode' into the folder tryton\modules\, nothing displays at 'Administrator' --> 'Modules'.


5. After I set an MS Windows's local-date format to d/m/y, the date format in GNU Health still shows m/d/y. How to can we configure it?

Best Regards

Surachai Torwong (Neng)
Mobile: 08-1537-3675

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