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Re: [Health-dev] About name on Party

From: Prakhar Bansal
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] About name on Party
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 00:32:04 +0530
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On Tuesday 18 August 2015 11:22 PM, Cédric Krier wrote:

First, if you are interesting in this discussion, I would like you read
this [1] before going further.

As one of the original author of the party module, I want to say that
this background was known when we wrote the party module and the fact
there is only one single name field was on purpose.

So for me, the addition of the lastname field in health module is not
correct because it is too locale specific.
I tried to find where this distinction was needed in the health modules
but I did not.
So for me, there are two options to make GNU Health works better all
around the world:

- Remove lastname field because we don't need it.

- Change lastname field for a (or many) field(s) for which the usage
   will be clearly defined like: "called name" for sending mail.


PS: I'm willing to work on this once an agreement will be reached.


The article in the given link shows that how often the names take up different forms with culture. In India, we have various name conventions on going East-West and North-South. In government forms, we are provided with three fields - First Name, Middle Name (optional) and Last Name. And it is confusing at times to fill up the forms.

I like the idea of giving only 1 field to enter the full name. And another field can be used for various reasons - 'called name', 'family name', 'surname', etc.

With Best Regards,
Py Solutions

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