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[Health-dev] GNU Health Tryton LDAP Configuration

From: Jose Eugenio Quesada
Subject: [Health-dev] GNU Health Tryton LDAP Configuration
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 21:34:54 +0800

Hi GNU Health Community,

I started looking into enabling LDAP authentication in GNU Health, and ran into some stumbling blocks.

The first is that the Tryton ldap_connection module is only up to version 3.2, and GNU Health 2.8.1 uses Tryton version 3.4

The second is that, on doing some google searches on the topic, I came across this post:

"A new configuration file format is introduced for the server. It is easily extendable to be used by modules. For example, the ldap_authentication module starts using it in replacement of the removed ldap_connection."

LDAP Authentication

  • The module ldap_connection has been replaced by an entry in the configuration file of trytond.

I tried looking for the new configuration file format for ldap connection and could not find it.

I am using a Nethserver installation for my LDAP server, and would like to connect GNU Health to the Nethserver LDAP server for user authentication.

Any help to get me past this point so I can use LDAP authentication for GNU health would be truly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Joe Gene Quesada

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