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[Health-dev] Adding HCPCS billing codes

From: Chris
Subject: [Health-dev] Adding HCPCS billing codes
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 21:42:41 -0700
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Hiya all!

I've been playing with procedural billing codes recently and wanted some
direction. We have the ICD10PCS codes, but we're rather short on
relevant billing codes for supplies, services, etc. The USA has two
categories for outpatient billing: level 1 and 2 HCPCS codes. From what
I can figure out, level 1 codes seem be the billing codes for medical
procedures, like icd10pcs, directly done by health professionals (e.g.,
physicians, dentists, etc). We cannot naively include the level 1 codes,
called CPT, for copyright and licensing reasons (I think?!). However,
anyone can use the level 2 codes, which cover a lot of interesting
ground: supplies, tests, other procedures, etc.

Here is a summary:

I recently downloaded the available 2015 HCPCS data set and wrote
a script to generate a tryton compatible xml file from it. Consequently,
I was thinking about adding the hcpcs data to the health_services
module since I know that improving the billing/invoicing workflow is
a priority. Thoughts?


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