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[Health-dev] More Trytonic style coding guidelines for GnuHealth

From: Oscar Alvarez
Subject: [Health-dev] More Trytonic style coding guidelines for GnuHealth
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13:22:30 -0500
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Hi Devs

I would like to propose you to do little changes, for improvement coding design of some modules of Gnuhealth, the changes are:

1. Some Class has not to follow conventional order for the fields-methods, example HealthProfessional, because first defines a classmethod (get_health..) and next the fields, this for new developers is a little confuse.

2. I think that file in main base module must be splitted in three files:

    - (All modules except party and product related)
    - (with PartyPatient and PartyAddress)
    - (with Product, ProductCategory, ...)

this let's understand/debug to better way this big and great module.

3. The naming some view files doesn't follow tryton convention, for example:
"gnuhealth_health_service.xml", must be "gnuhealth_health_service_form.xml", the last word "form" is missing, news developer has guess what kind of file is this xml.

I can to work around this changes, If you are agree ¿?,

Thanks, I hope your opinions.

Oscar Alvarez

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