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[Health-dev] Quantity at service line is an interger

From: Bounmy Sihaphom
Subject: [Health-dev] Quantity at service line is an interger
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 10:34:53 +0700

Hi Luis and Gnuhealth community!

I have been implementing Gnuhealth as pilot project at Centre of Medical Rehabilitation in Vientiane , Laos.We have a lot of issues but nothing major.We work as a team, one look after nework,one look after user support and others look after gnuhealth customization.We can say we have accomplished something: from registering patients,Evaluating and ,prescribing and invoicing around 75% done.Withouth all of your help, we definitely are not able to come this far.Doctors and nurses are using in daily basis. However, we are still in the process of testing a lot of things and learning at the same time.So you have seen many questions from us, many dumb questions maybe with broken english, so we really apologize for that.We have been through so many obstacles and seen this implementation is not for normal Joe can do.We are planning to roll out the whole country if approved by Lao Government in a near future.Before that time comes, I have found GNUhealth is not type of "plug and play" application. it must be customized more or less to suit each country custom and law.
We found one issue , then fixed them and here another one I need help with:
1.In the hospital, we have 429 products (all categories) with unit cost price setup and associated account for each.
2. The Hospital charge each patient  "category" differently, here how they call patient category: patient comes from 9-4,patient comes after 4:00 pm, and foreigners (from different countries).The hospital charge a 4-9 patient a fixed cost price of Peniciline of $100 (for example), then $107 for after 4 :00PM patient, and $119 for foreigners.
3.At Health_service we enter product, and quantity=119/100 for foreigner,and 107/100 for patient after 4pm.

We cannot enter 1.19 or 1.07 into the qty field, can someone help? or how you would normally do from your experience?
 Or we have to change qty to be a float value?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards;

Bounmy Sihaphom

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