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[Health-dev] permissions

From: Carl-Johan Francke
Subject: [Health-dev] permissions
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 00:44:52 +0200
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Hi Luis and community.
I'm trying to get my heads around permissions.
I have made a group "Test Group" with access only to menu item "Health".
Attached is a screen shot of the result for user with Groups = "Test Group" and only that group. The user has access to menu item "Calender", "Health" and some of the submenues and subsubmenues of menu item "Health". On the subsubmenu items, the user has read/write/delete permission on the data. I expected to have only one menu item "Health" without any child menu items and without access to data.
I have difficulties understanding the behaviour. What am I missing?
Thanks a lot in advance for your time.
Best regards,

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