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Re: [Health-dev] Is the current version of Tryton far too complicated fo

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Is the current version of Tryton far too complicated for GNU Health?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 10:59:54 +0200
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Hello Carl,

Am Montag, 8. September 2014, 00:10:39 schrieb Carl-Johan Francke:


> Thank you very much Luis for installing trytond_purchase on the
> community database. Much appreciated for testing use cases.
> I think that is a good idea to add tryton_purchase to gnuhealth. It
> covers 99% of our needs.

A good point. An even better, if your below example is persistent in the demo 
database. (Can we use it with real supplier and product names?)

> Going through our use cases, however I realized that we have some few
> issues.
> I have entered an example in the community database and described it below.

Vers good, thanks for making this transparent!

> What I describe below are as far as I'm concerned tryton issues and I
> suggest communicating the the tryton community to see if they want to act.
> If they are not interested, I suggest starting a health_purchase module
> which fixes these and any future issues we might run into.
> I’m happy to contribute.

There were some discussion in the Tryton mailing list about purchase 
functionality that could be improved. As all companies using Tryton can take 
advantage of it, it should ideally be in the core.
Anyway, I could not grep how decisions, what comes into the core, are made, 
but I'm happy to learn....maybe on the TUL [1]?

> In case I have missed a way to solve the use case below, I'd be grateful
> for suggestions.
> What do you think about adding the Stock Supply module as well, so that
> we can have order points?

Good point!


> When entering a purchase order
> Supplier = "Virbac AG"
> Supplier Reference = "Usecase"
> and adding a purchase line for
> product name = "[IVI-1561] Feligen CRP ad us. vet."
> - current behavior: the pricing of the product supplier line with the
> lowest sequence is used.
> - wanted behavior: pop up a window asking for which product supplier
> line to be used (if there is more than 1 product supplier line for this
> supplier)
> Further,
> - Current behavior:  purchase line description = "[IVI-1561] Feligen CRP
> ad us. vet.", i.e. our internal name
> - Wanted behavior:  purchase line description = "[913-300392] Feligen
> CRP 10er package", i.e. the name that the supplier uses

This should be in the communication with the supplier, not necessarily on our 
own view (might confuse a purchase clerk).
Shipment costs and trading terms are as well to be specified.



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