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[Health-dev] Improvements to Health Services module

From: Oscar Alvarez
Subject: [Health-dev] Improvements to Health Services module
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 23:01:25 -0500
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Hi, Community

I want share with yours some ideas for improvement this module.

1. On Health Services form it is possible to order the fields the more friendly and logical way, I done (please see attached file), putting on left the more important fields, because the user reads/see first to left side and next right side.

2. The field "service_date" in health services form could be fill with default method using, in most of cases today (date) is the right date, this save time to user.

3. Often the party to invoice is not directly the patient, for example it could be a person family, the insurance company, or the another government institution, so then this model require new field called something like as "Party to Invoice", so where the user to define Who is party in theal invoice. Indeed the invoice require a new field that define who is the patient, if in the health services form the field "party_to_invoice" is not filled the action wizard to put the patient as party to invoice.

4. For the previous point, the action wizard for create invoice, require has the price list of party on context for the set the right unit price on invoice lines. In this moment price lists are ignored.

5. on Health service lines, often the "description" text and the name "product" is the same, so then order the fields "product" and "description", could be changed because the user must set first the product and this affect (with on change method) to description, but the current design the "description" is the first field, the improvement is done in attached file. My propose is similar like as Sale Lines and Purchase Lines.

I have this improvements in two commits, the first for desing changes and second for invoice process changes, in my test db.

I am waiting your permission for uploads.


Oscar Alvarez

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