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[Health-dev] PDQ Supplier implementation

From: Vittorio Meloni
Subject: [Health-dev] PDQ Supplier implementation
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:52:03 +0200

Hi Luis and the team,
as I explained in a previous thread some months ago, at CRS4 we would like to contribute to GNUHealth project integrating some HL7 v2.x modules using our library HL7apy.
We are going to use GNUHealth as a test-bed for an industrial project where we'll need a PDQ Supplier, which is the actor of the IHE PDQ transaction that respond to patient demographics requests, as I think you know.
Of course after implementing the module we would be glad to release it as part of GNUHealth.
The module will perform these operations:
 - create a network service implementing the MLLP protocol. This service can be used in the future to receive also HL7 messages of different type;
 - receive HL7 PDQ request messages from clients;
 - query the database to get the patient demographics;
 - respond with the patient information in an HL7 PDQ response message.

Do you have any suggestion or guidelines for us to follow for developing the module? 
Thank you all,

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