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[Health-dev] GNU Health 2.6 pre-release

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-dev] GNU Health 2.6 pre-release
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 14:25:11 -0500

Dear dev team

We are less than one month to the official release of 2.6 .  In order to
improve the QA process, we have updated the demo server with the
pre-release, and we have also generated a tar file[1] to play
around with the installation script and process. Both will be updated
regularly during these days.

We are at the feature freeze stage for 2.6, so it's time for testing,
reporting bugs, and for the translation team members. There have been
extensive changes, so please test as much as you can, and report issues.

Here is a partial list of the new features :

* 3.2 compatibility
* Universal Person Unique Identifier (PUID)
* Crypto module (Document Digest, validation, digital
  signing/verification )
* Crypto tryton plugin
* Revision of models for Distributed deployments
* Health Archives module
* New Institution model
* Revised health specialties and disease groups
* Remove extra submenus, for usability. Direct access to view from main
* Revised medication model 
* Revised Neonatolgy functionality. Newborn is assigned a PUID at birth
* New directory for custom modules
* Bug fixes and view 
* Of course, upgrade path included :)

If you want to test the digital signature and verification
functionality of the crypto module, you need to install the plugin,
included on the tar file under backend/plugins directory.

Chris Zimmerman is working in the GNU Health FHIR client and  a
Tryton server, as well as expanding the generic python library that I
started some months ago. So, we should have HL7 FHIR compatibility at
the 2.8 . Big thank you, Chris !

Enjoy testing and thank you all for your commitment !

1.- Development 2.5 build :
Luis Falcon
GNU Health : The Free Health and Hospital Information System

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