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[Health-dev] HL7 python library for the development of HL7 modules

From: Vittorio Meloni
Subject: [Health-dev] HL7 python library for the development of HL7 modules
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 14:47:16 +0100

Dear all,

I am Vittorio and I work in the Healthcare Flows group at CRS4, a research center in Sardinia, Italy.
Our team is involved in various ICT activities in the biomedical and clinical fields. We consider GNU Health a very worthwhile project and see our goals intersecting with yours. Perhaps there is a basis for future collaboration.
We understand that you're interested in the integration of a new HL7 module within GNU Health, so we'd like to suggest you take in account hl7apy, our new open source HL7 Python library. It is a lightweight library that supports the creation, parsing and handling of HL7 v2.x messages and it is the only Python library that we know that implements more advanced features such as custom encoding chars, datatypes handling and, above all, validation of HL7 messages according to the HL7 specification.
You can find further information on our websites: and


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