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[Health-dev] GNU Health in the official Debian repositories

From: Emilien Klein
Subject: [Health-dev] GNU Health in the official Debian repositories
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 21:28:38 +0100

Hi GNU Health community,

I am pleased to announce that after a few months of testing in the
experimental repository, GNU Health is now available in both the
Experimental (sid) and Testing repositories of Debian!

The Debian package is actually consists of 3 packages:
- gnuhealth-server
- gnuhealth-client
- gnuhealth: installs both server and client on the same machine.
Install that package if you want to just get started.

The database creation and backups (before each upgrade) is handled by
the package itself, hopefully reducing as much as possible the manual
steps needed to set up your own GNU Health instance!

Go ahead and give it a try:
    sudo apt-get install gnuhealth
is all you should need!

Unless major bugs are found, GNU Health will be included in the next
stable release of Debian, and should also be included in the following
Ubuntu (12.10) version, and other Debian derivatives such as Linux

The package is maintained by the Debian Med team, which I'd like to
thank for their support in testing and many improvement suggestions.

Please test and let us know (via thee Debian bug tracker) if you find any issue!


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