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Re: [Health-dev] Some xml related questions

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Some xml related questions
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 16:13:32 -0300
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Hi Kaushik
On 23/08/13 13:06, Kaushik S wrote:
> Hello,
>     Looking at the hello world xml, I would like to know what the
> following keywords mean -
> 1. sequence  (Eg <menuitem name="Hello World" id="menu_hello_world"
> sequence="10" />  )
> 2. eval   (In act_window.view,   <field name="sequence" eval="10"/>   )
In both cases, the sequence is giving you the preference in which the
menu or action will be displayed (lowers number items precede higher

> 3. res_model (In action.act_window <field
> name="res_model">hello.hello</field> )
> what is res_model. This seems the same as model? whats the difference?
The record model is "ir.action.act_window" , and "res_model" is the the
actual model that the action will display.

> 4. If I change my module's xml, should I restart the client?  My xml is
> in the directory of the module's (not inside a view directory).
> I restart the server with -u option.

Just log out and log in should work. No need to restart the client.

> If I missed it in  online  documentation apologies.
> Thanks
> Kaushik

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