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Re: [Health-dev] Problem running

From: Sebastián Marró
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Problem running
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 12:33:16 -0300

2013/5/30 Sebastián Marró <address@hidden>
Hi Kaushik

2013/5/30 Blue Light <address@hidden>
     I am facing problems installing the demo database locally. I am following the wiki -

a) The wiki says I should do the following.

$ python

But it does not say where this file is and how to get it.

b) I checked out the source by - hg clone

I found it under health/tryton/demo. I added the path to tryton server in python path and then executed the script - python .

I got the error -

"Usage: [options] <database name> error: Not enough args!"

Could you please tell me how to run this script correctly and install the demo database locally.

  You should run the script with: 

$ python gnuhealth_demo

  where gnuhealth_demo is the name of the database (you can change it)

  Let me know if you have any issue running the demo script.

  I will update now the wiki with the new script options.

Sorry, i will update the wiki when version 2.0 released.

This is the usage of the demo script in trunk repository:

Usage: [options] <database name>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        admin password [default: admin]
  -m MODULES, --module=MODULES
                        module to install
                        demo password [default: demo] 


Sebastián Marró
Converging Ideas for Emerging Realities

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