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[Health-dev] Html5 DICOM viewer

From: Yves Martelli
Subject: [Health-dev] Html5 DICOM viewer
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 17:16:56 +0200

Dear list,

I'm developing an html5 DICOM viewer to allow users to view and manipulate DICOM images from a browser without any additional plugin. There is a static version for desktops and laptops and a mobile version for tablets and phones. It is available on github: (demo here: I published it under GNU GPL.

I saw that gnu health uses Ginkgo Cadx to view images and was wondering if you needed and had a solution for mobile users. How are the images provided? Does gnu health include a PACS? I worked on connecting the html5 viewer with the Conquest PACS. If the PACS can provide the data via WADO, then connecting this viewer is easy. I'm looking at connecting dcm4chee and ClearCanvas but if you tell me you use another, I could have a look at it.


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