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[Health-dev] gnu-health 1.8 and Neso // Personal installation

From: Odicha
Subject: [Health-dev] gnu-health 1.8 and Neso // Personal installation
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:24:10 -0500
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Hi All.
I've done some job on Neso & Gnu-Health and I have some questions.

Should we provide a Neso Gnu-Health edition?
If so, could we provide a prepopulated database with all languages installed? Autopopulating database is a very time-consuming procedure using neso (about 4 hours using all health options (icd... etc) A better option could be packaging a database into installation. So user has not to create a database and install all modules. Third option could be a server/client win-win installation, but running tryton server on windows is an unsupported option by now (it runs ok, anyway)

Best regards,

José A. Déniz

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