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[Health-dev] New health_services module

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-dev] New health_services module
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 20:48:48 -0300

Dear all

We'll be creating a new module, health_services, that will group the
procedures, services and products used in a patient, both outpatient
and inpatient.

The module looks for an scalable solution that with the main functionality :
- Display the procedures, services and product used for a patient,
both at inpatient or inpatient (encounters, lab tests, surgeries,
imaging, hospital bed.. )
- Pick those services that will be invoiced

Those services selected to be charged, will generate the invoice
document. With this functionality, we'll merge Mario Puntin / Silix
health_invoice functionality. So, starting in 1.6.0, we should have
both modules into one health_services.

Today we can use the ICD-10-PCS for procedure encodings, especially in
inpatients, but any coding will work.

The main fields in the model per line will be :
- Header : Document ID, appointment / hospitalization ID, attending
physician, operating physician, patient information, insurance
information ...
- Document line : service (product) ID,  service description, date
from, date to,  ordering physician, price, voic invoice, state

The evaluation / encounter / hospitalization ID will be automatically
filled on each document.

Please let us know your suggestions and additions.


Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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