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Re: [Halevt-dev] halevt user cannot change speed on /dev/dvd

From: Bengt Nilsson
Subject: Re: [Halevt-dev] halevt user cannot change speed on /dev/dvd
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 12:03:58 +0100

7 jan 2012 kl. 01:18 skrev Patrice Dumas:

> On Fri, Jan 06, 2012 at 11:55:41PM +0000, Bengt Nilsson wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I get "permission denied" for the line "/sbin/hdparm -E4 /dev/dvd"
>> when I do "halevt -d", while "halevt -d -u root" works.
> My wild guess is that the halevt user should be given some kind
> of permission on the device.  So maybe you need to put the halevt 
> user in a special device group, like cdrom, or maybe you need 
> to add some configuration in Consolekit configuration files.
> If this is indeed the issue at hand, the answer will be 
> specific of your GNU/Linux distribution and of your setup.

As myself, I could do this operation from terminal without problems,
I added all groups that I had in my own user id/gid, (halevt had plugin 
already), it still did not work for the halevt daemon.
The only difference between me and the halevt user was the id and gid.

> To test whether it is linked with halevt or merely a permission 
> issue, you can su as the halevt user and check whether the 
> command still errors out.

A good idea, I will try it.

>> Is it safe to use root as the HALEVT_USER?
> Not really.
>> Would it not be better to give user halevt enough rights to do this task?
> Yes, it would be better.
> -- 
> Pat

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