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[h5md-user] HDFql 2.1.0 Release

From: HDFql
Subject: [h5md-user] HDFql 2.1.0 Release
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2019 00:09:39 +0200

We are happy to announce the release of HDFql 2.1.0!

This version includes:

- Added support for direct chunk write/read into/from datasets (to greatly increase performance) - thanks to Mark (University of Chicago, USA), Xiaoqiang (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland), Ulrik (Diamond Light Source, UK), Tobias (Imperial College London, UK) and Stefan (Fermilab, USA) for the feedback.

- Added wrapper for Python version 3.7.x

- Added capability to open an HDF5 file, define/manipulate/query/introspect objects (i.e. groups, datasets, attributes, (soft) links or external links) and, afterwards, close the file in one go (in all relevant operations - e.g. "CREATE DATASET", "INSERT" and "SELECT")

- Updated reference manual

(Please check the release notes for further details)

For heads up on releases and the latest on HDFql, we welcome you to connect on twitter.com/hdfql

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