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Re: [h5md-user] Developer's Meeting?

From: Pierre de Buyl
Subject: Re: [h5md-user] Developer's Meeting?
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 16:04:00 +0200
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Hi Olaf,

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 07:15:07PM +0200, Olaf Lenz wrote:
> It seems to me that we currently have a lot to discuss on H5MD. I find
> reading lots of email pretty tedious. Also, some of the discussions
> could be more efficient with more interactivity.
> What would you think about a developer's meeting? Such a meeting could
> either take place virtually, e.g. via Google hangout or good old IRC, or
> we could even try to organize a real life meeting. Felix, Pierre and I
> already had a meeting in Stuttgart which turned out to be pretty good.
> Anybody interested in such a meeting?
> Olaf

I would opt for the virtual meeting. I have very limited travel opportunities in
the coming months and unknown opportunities afterwards.

I like to think that H5MD is ready (it may be wishful thinking, mind you) and
that the module/convention addition might close the domain specific gaps that
remain. The "unit issue" seems over now, which is already great :-)

I am available on skype/jabber/hangout and can connect to IRC if needed. No
idea on how such a meeting would be held in practice however.



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