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[H-source-users] [predev] branch predev deleted (was 590d31c)

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: [H-source-users] [predev] branch predev deleted (was 590d31c)
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 23:46:35 -0400 (EDT)

ycp pushed a change to branch predev.

     was 590d31c  Added T10 Nabia to the distro list.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 590d31c  Added T10 Nabia to the distro list.
 discard 2c9dfcf  Updating distros.
 discard ef15e0e  [bug #61318] Separating out distro schema and updated guix 
 discard 28f2036  trivial noop change to test the hook
 discard d2e4fbb  Adding TAGS to gitignore
 discard 9d88a65  Merge branch 'development' into h-node
 discard f021414  Marking commit hash.
 discard 71b0e90  Merge branch 'development' into h-node
 discard 07f5140  moving h-source subdir out.
 discard e119be1  Removing docker
 discard 22bbfe0  Removing scripts subdir
 discard 1fb3dcb  Removing h-client subdir.
 discard 9811e14  Adding newline to param.php to fix the patching error.
 discard 72cce24  Merge branch 'development' into h-node
 discard a433241  Updating contact section.
 discard 5f23466  Update README with documentation on php module requirements.
 discard 675bcfe  updating url::getroot
 discard 7083cc4  Adding a patch for staging deployment.
 discard ad2cfad  minor changes to dispel php notices
 discard e98b991  remove redundant dockerfile
 discard fae4dd9  Merge branch 'development' of staging into development
 discard 737f4cd  simplifying the docker-compose for php7.
 discard 06934eb  Adding lamp-php7 docker command.
 discard e5d8adf  Adding lamp-php7 docker command.
 discard 6995bcc  updating the database creation command to be more "batchy"
 discard efa352a  add mysql to gitignore
 discard cf8584c  change mysql dir
 discard 7b2c76f  Moving docker files to its own directory.
 discard a349d51  Updating contact section.
 discard 90c3117  Removing mentions of gnewsense and blag.
 discard a57a3fa  Removing mentions of gnewsense and blag.
 discard f170189  Use relative URLs instead of hardcoding domain
 discard 75cfe04  Remove incorrect instruction from readme
 discard f0e5b09  docker: Add basic configuration for running local php5 
 discard b94da09  Update tables.sql to match h-node schema dump
 discard 971cf0e  Restore tables.sql from master
 discard d40d49e  Adding schema dump from h-node.org
 discard 8f83ebf  Restoring two more files after removing credentials
 discard a8f9bad  Restore two php files with credentials removed
 discard 3ff03dc  Publishing h-node.org code.
 discard cd4534a  Update comments, jessie->stretch
 discard 82f8da0  Update distros
 discard 214d4f9  Add PureOS 8.0, update README
 discard efd48de  Add Slimbook as a vendor
 discard 981bcb4  Add changelog for Debian 9, Trisquel 8
 discard f31c318  Add Debian 9, Trisquel 8
 discard 22670c8  Add permalink @LauraMorales
 discard 78d6493  Total and translate statistics
 discard ae9775b  Correct insert for distros table
 discard e8a6556  Only allow active distributions to be added, increase visible 
 discard 07eb5ec  Modify script to allow clean updates, verbose and safe 
options, update usb and pci vendors
 discard c30141e  Sort each hardware category by compatibility
 discard 5550584  Add Qbex, increase timeout to match h-node, sort by 
compatibility by default
 discard ecbf2ae  Add Minifree, Libiquity
 discard 1afb439  Add Hasee, Intel, Positivo, Purism, ThinkPenguin, strip 
passwords from Config
 discard e19ffb7  Add gNewSense 4.0, GuixSD 0.10 and Musix GNU+Linux 3.0.1, fix 
Trisquel typo
 discard 0e48f7b  Spelling: hadrware->hardware
 discard fc32034  minor l10n updates
 discard 0f18064  improved login form l10n / spanish l10n
 discard e64adf8  fixed bug in wiki revisions
 discard 9d2f868  improved bug in wiki
 discard 1cdb010  add debian 8 jessie
 discard d4fad0e  added Trisquel 7.0
 discard 9a041db  Enabled SSL
 discard 1197263  Integrated new EasyGiant Library
 discard 6209923  Update on French; thanks to Benjamin Rochefort, and 
Portuguese i18n; thanks @alvarenga
 discard 2cf7e3b  Update on Portuguese i18n; thanks @alvarenga
 discard 8a0a607  Update on Spanish i18n
 discard 35deb0a  debian separated in debian_testing and debian_unstable
 discard 2016e9b  changed MySQL update sql to revision 422
 discard 0a38533  changed the debian distro codes
 discard b9d2f55  added Debian distro-codes to h-node
 discard 5abe267  kernel entry can keep 99 characters -- issue 234 submitted by 
goritskov at h-node.org
 discard 85eb158  notice in English - issue 229 at h-node.org submit by rqlintaq
 discard d8a82d3  fixed some Strict notices and a Swiftmailer bug (notice)
 discard af80b96  added the ManagerController and the manager users group. Now 
the users in the manager group can modify the list of allowed distros by means 
of the main panel
 discard a93461b  added new EasyGiant Library
 discard 6fa0219  added DistroModel to get the list of allowed distros from the 
 discard bb4898d  added table distros to containt the list of allowed distros 
so h-node.org admin can update the list from the admin panel
 discard 54d192b  changed config.xml file
 discard 1fb7cf4  added portuguese language icon
 discard ad48514  update spanish i18n,  added support for Portuguese; thanks 
 discard 0e390ba  minor spanish update, please check 0326,0327,0349
 discard 5a1b961  added some vendors -rsandu issue
 discard 8891e30  fixed a bug inside the wiki
 discard 79a99ab  when a device has not been found by lspci search page, the 
insert link now sends to the page where to insert that device
 discard 9938c66  fixed a bug inside SearchController.php
 discard 848128d  show browser dialog when downloading the database in xml - 
lammi87 issue
 discard 90fff0e  improved the way the template is built
 discard 4ad8569  improved the way the template is built
 discard b381d11  added two notebook vendors - lammi87 and onpon4 issues
 discard a8fe9ae  fixed a bug (not security related) in IssuesController
 discard 41f99e4  added some PCI classes inside hardware.php (RAID adapters 
 discard f6be839  added some PCI classes inside hardware.php
 discard fc5527e  changed the 'other resources on the net' links under the 
videocards category inside the default config.xml file- mtjm issue
 discard dcfc81f  improved i18n
 discard e841581  fixed a bug  in the SearchController
 discard 9b96fa3  corrected typo in the list of allowed distros - Michał 
Masłowski issue
 discard 3158581  improved the README.txt file
 discard 4b9567b  improved the README.txt file - Michał Masłowski suggestion
 discard 7afc19c  added missing free distros - Michał Masłowski issue
 discard 43d6dd8  solved issue indicated by Michał Masłowski
 discard 9b42c2f  improved the compatibility hint link
 discard 9d4399c  fixed typos (lammi issues) and improved i18n
 discard bd08028  improved the way the discover your hardware link in the right 
column is generated
 discard 1ac426c  improved the regular expression to find the URLs - lammi87 
 discard 8195fac  solved type in the search result - lammi87 issue
 discard df6d894  the model entry can now containg up to 190 characters - 
lammi87 issue
 discard 5917a11  added the max number of characters allowed inside the 
description entry - rsandu issue
 discard 9ba61c9  added the FAQ page to the top menu - lammi87 issue
 discard 10bc2a3  improved the way the top menu is created - help wiki page 
added inside the top menu
 discard 1db259e  improved the "can free operating systems be installed?"
 discard ba43829  does the device prevent the installation of wifi cards 
not-approved by the vendor? - part 2
 discard 024de70  the XML to configure the template can now be written inside 
the config.xml file
 discard 93f681d  added the entry: 'does the device prevent the installation of 
wifi cards not-approved by the vendor?' - part 1
 discard 090c0fa  improved i18n
 discard ea0f13c  dropped pcmcia controller, added generic host controller with 
 discard 4ee5f0d  improved the way e-mails are sent
 discard 3081877  improved the way wiki pages are linked
 discard a214e65  improved the way the software sends e-mails and improved i18n
 discard 4b81cc0  improved filter translations
 discard 6720440  improved the free bios entry - Michał Masłowski and lammi87 
 discard 7436d59  added a notice for the kernel entry - lammi87 issue
 discard 1c1e9c7  added preview in hardware talk pages - lammi87 issue
 discard a935ddd  Improved kernel list on hardware pages - part 1 - lammi87 
 discard 0ba075c  replaced two periods with three periods in some sentences - 
amire80 issue
 discard 6078f2f  added System76 inside the list of notebooks vendors - amire80 
 discard 712b1ac  changed the regular expr for the model name
 discard 52fab44  changed the regular expr for the model name (to allow comma)
 discard b104237  fixed a bug and improved the lspci search function
 discard 49eb7cf  added Blue Light vendor - joseluis issue
 discard fad53c4  adding motherboards - part 1
 discard 7a87cc7  fixed CSS bug
 discard 856f565  added Javascript license information file (for LibreJS) and 
replaced the minified version of each Javascript with the full version to 
improve clearness (also updating to the last release)
 discard 3c2c5a0  added improved RSS format for statusnet
 discard 1f7f75d  improved the scripts to update the vendors list from pci.ids 
and usb.ids
 discard 3bc07da  administrators can now view the actions of a single user in a 
compact format - part 2
 discard 129934f  added new EasyGiant library
 discard 054086b  administrators can now view the actions of a single user in a 
compact format
 discard 7097598  all the names of the vendors are now stored inside the db and 
are taken from the db
 discard 7fb84c6  added the mobile version of PCMCIA controllers
 discard e0e34f2  fixed a bug in the catalogue page of the mobile version
 discard ec48029  added PCMCIA controllers - part 2
 discard dad96fd  added PCMCIA Controllers category, part 1 - rsandu issue
 discard 1eb25ea  venenux 0.9 has been added in the list of allowed distros
 discard 2a60d35  added the mobile version of RAID adapters
 discard 8cd4f54  added RAID adapters - part 2
 discard 64fbca4  added RAID adapter category, part 1 - rsandu issue
 discard ea4c1ff  added VendorsModel in order to manage the vendors table
 discard 18aa21f  added usb.ids
 discard 891d0f8  added the scripts to fill the database with the vendorid 
codes from pci.ids
 discard 51c194e  modified tables.sql
 discard db7760c  modified tables.sql, added the vendors table. First step to 
move the vendors list to the db
 discard 34ef737  added new Hewlett Packard code - rastrojo issue
 discard 4ad18c3  fixed a bug in GenericController::catalogue - it now sends to 
page 1 when someone uses the model name filter
 discard 6c46783  improved comm_year allowed values
 discard a2c4e64  changed ATI to AMD inside the vendors list - sudoman issue
 discard f7a3803  improved reg expr to recognize URLs - Ark issue
 discard 70fa63a  updating french l10n -- thanks Benjamin R.
 discard 7d2a563  project name now written using PHP (dynamic) in download page 
- fixed error
 discard 9456eb0  improved CSS of mobile mobile
 discard ec4b63b  improved the way entry labels can be added - first step to 
move all the documentation to the wiki
 discard 6740cd5  improved the form to filter using the model name
 discard 8371e1d  added Trisquel 5.0
 discard 9c7e278  improved CSS for mobile
 discard 04b7115  added ethernet interface for wifi card - OwlBob issue
 discard 3d7ef55  fix Config misconfiguration
 discard dd9c3e5  integrating greek l10n -- thanks Constantine
 discard 7cdde7b  added regular expression to detect mobile browsers - taken 
from detectmobilebrowsers.com
 discard 62203c8  improved the regular expression to find URLs
 discard 3ff1139  mobile:improved heared
 discard d0d8cd2  mobile:added model nale filer
 discard 14691cd  upload new EasyGiant library and added added a new filter for 
the model name (part 2)
 discard a2c0b2c  added the search_string filter in the catalogue page to look 
for a model name containing a string
 discard 1496cb0  modified tables.sql
 discard eebbc0e  modified tables.sql
 discard 7145338  improved RSS
 discard c65c55d  improved mobile footer
 discard 1aa6397  added support for Greek
 discard 63eeb05  improved icons
 discard bbf1ab2  mobile version: added the detail page for notebooks
 discard 5c070e7  mobile version: added the detail page for notebooks
 discard b4b6600  mobile version: added device detail page and some icons
 discard 7f6e437  added CLEVO vendor - virgolus issue
 discard edaf957  improved mobile
 discard 10f5194  mobile version: added catalogue page for each device category
 discard 2fee806  improved mobile
 discard 31d6fce  modified scanner icon
 discard aff3e10  mobile:added hardware page
 discard 5b39c3d  added pages related to footer links
 discard 4c86190  rev-update french l10n -- oysterboy
 discard 7594e8d  update french l10n -- by oysterboy
 discard d99105e  update spanish l10n
 discard 7bda343  mobile: added language dialog
 discard b5d776b  a mail notification is now sent when a user add a message to 
the help page of a wiki page
 discard fe4d464  improved user history and improved mobile version
 discard b7910c2  update spanish l10n
 discard 805b613  added the first view files of the mobile version
 discard f49ae66  added jquery mobile
 discard 135907a  added version.php
 discard 1e4bad3  change content-type of RSS
 discard a1d2d48  prepared the system for mobile version
 discard e35ffa8  improved i18n
 discard c35eba3  improved i18n
 discard 37b4177  improved i18n
 discard 9cfcb4b  improved i18n
 discard d30d70a  improved i18n
 discard f56fa1f  improved i18n
 discard deb6bca  reverse spanish "layout fix"
 discard b7a36e4  added vendor - Ark issue
 discard ecc6960  spanish l10n update
 discard 5789fcf  translation fix to fit new layout on hardware page
 discard 3030270  added module inside insert and update pages - Luis Alberto 
 discard d67f573  improved wiki (TOC and moderator box)
 discard 94a0a34  added wikiFormatting.php
 discard c7c3e14  added vendor
 discard 0cc7100  improved wiki formatting: added TOC - part 2
 discard 4d739f1  improved wiki: added TOC - part 1 - Ark74 issue
 discard f246548  improved wiki formatting: nested lists are now allowed - Luis 
Alberto (Ark74) issue
 discard 0417481  improved wiki formatting: added a way to describe the wiki 
tags without apply them - Luis Alberto (Ark74) issue
 discard ba62152  more characters are now allowed for the kernel entry
 discard 7d29487  added modems category - michael issue
 discard 9d3f161  added notice about printers that track users - part 2 - 
Stallman suggestion
 discard d6b6baa  moderators can see all the actions carried out by users - 
part 2
 discard 2ab9d78  moderators can now see all the actions carried out by users - 
part 1
 discard 120b3fb  improved history - added BaseModel
 discard 086b034  improved history
 discard 9e0955c  improved the way modules are taken from an xml configuration 
 discard f8f3c57  changed sd to SD in the source files
 discard 635ba1d  spanish l10n update
 discard 75095b0  improved the way text can be written inside modules of the 
 discard 53f9d69  added the entry "does it adopt any techniques to track 
users?" for printers - part 1
 discard 99a6ba9  moderators can now hide issues - part 2
 discard 6feff14  moderators can now hide/show issues
 discard 2f05872  added the field can free systems be installed to notebooks 
category - Michał Masłowski suggestion
 discard fab22f5  when a device is already in the database (same 
vendorid_productid code) the system puts the link to the device - sudoman issue
 discard f4420f9  when a device is not found the system suggests to insert it - 
improved i10n
 discard f2a0017  when a device is not found the system suggest to insert it - 
sudoman issue
 discard a316106  added sd card readers - part 2
 discard fef5c07  added sd card readers
 discard 029021b  fixed a bug related to the issue token - lluvia signaling
 discard 377b513  improved the way validate conditions are set
 discard 50efe97  changed the name of dynebolic
 discard d603a8a  changed dynebolic string
 discard 88a8214  added dynebolic 3.0.0
 discard 16b56f0  french fix-up l10n
 discard 2f49577  improved the function to detect URLs
 discard 0d8e43d  improved the function to detect URLs
 discard 8d7619d  added vendor name
 discard 435e3c8  french l10n update
 discard b45f2d4  added vendors
 discard 2dfe942  now x84-64/amd64 label is printed
 discard fd57650  improved list of vendors
 discard ba2a437  yet another minor update spanish l10n
 discard 4ca24ac  minor update spanish l10n
 discard 3136958  improved URL detection
 discard 50b9dfd  update spanish l10n
 discard fd714a7  improved i18n
 discard 9a52523  added tablet - part 1
 discard 1b2aa2f  improved i18n
 discard 0721f5e  chenged label for architecture
 discard af545a1  improved search and help pages thanks to ark suggestion
 discard 618ca4e  update on languages.php spanish
 discard 2358a5c  improved language tabs
 discard ca65a9c  changed headers in some EasyGiant files
 discard 487b901  updated EasyGiant library
 discard e900833  improved the way tabs are displayed inside the description 
 discard a1081ad  added tabs on the description entry - updated jquery ui 
 discard 3fca26a  improved the search pages
 discard c8eb276  improved the search results
 discard 15b8f0b  fixed little error: no submission is possible when updating 
the website - corrected also for anonymous users
 discard 0c83490  myFunctions.php has been splitted into two files, 
vendorTranslation.php created
 discard f09ea69  added RSS - part 3
 discard e7b3717  added new easygiant library
 discard 0de74c6  added link to rss page
 discard 7dd59cf  added RSS - part 1
 discard e3e68a8  alert notice for anonymous users
 discard 158ff22  improved the creation of the xml database
 discard 4a872aa  added bios and architecture filters for notebooks
 discard 32e60f1  added ethernet cards to the list of allowed hardware
 discard 5f551b2  added Trisquel 5.0 to the list of the allowed distros
 discard 2327c4b  updates on languages.php + help_index
 discard 3ca3ecd  deleted pages are no more visible on the filters
 discard cfe669b  perm deleted devices are no more catalogued
 discard 7accfb4  permanently deleted devices are no more shown in the history
 discard ff7042a  added view file for permanently deleted devices
 discard 8e1a608  a page can't be hidden or shown if it has been permanently 
 discard d8e1f81  administrators can permanently delete a device page - part 1
 discard be1d2d6  improved the way the history messages are shown
 discard 878f704  a message is now shown in talk pages when the page is deleted
 discard 82d1fce  administrators can now see the list of pages that have to be 
 discard 51e075b  updates on languages.php
 discard 6f4e117  modified help pages
 discard e29f026  administrators can now approve device page submitted by 
anonymous users
 discard 34adb20  anonymous users can now insert devices, automatically set as 
hidden (to be approved)
 discard dcbc21e  administrators can now see the list of hidden pages
 discard 527b6fd  doctype now corrected (after joeko signaling)
 discard d4ba6fb  administrators can now see the deleted pages
 discard 3e63edf  changed last controller to special controller
 discard 2f4d2fa  changed the layout of the admin panel for administrators and 
 discard 6c9c201  h-source:new updates for french and spanish translations + 
0196 line, check and reviewed
 discard ff947a3  administrators can now hide/show device pages
 discard 67e4728  h-source:add number as a comment to id the translation lines, 
please check if this cause any trouble on the code
 discard b3b6f10  changed the anchors inside help files
 discard 9a5338f  improved the way deleted devices are managed
 discard 310356e  reduced the number of files to handle a device
 discard 5887ed7  h-source:modified contributors.txt file
 discard 10a982b  h-source:modified help pages
 discard f83b3ef  h-source: fix typos and tabs
 discard daa1ae3  h-source: Update help pages
 discard 10d85ba  h-client:users can now change the device category - part 1
 discard 608eec2  h-client:the type of each device can be now updated during 
the synchronize process
 discard b10b6c0  h-source:modified languages.php
 discard 1b04dfd  h-client:added create new account and request new password 
 discard 0a0b03a  h-source:Added the translations from Joerg and did an upgrade 
to the spanish translation
 discard 5aeabf4  h-client:added a notebook widget to better display the entries
 discard e9eb9b8  h-client:added a notebook widget to better display the entries
 discard 9f4a37b  h-source:Parabola has been added in the list of allowed 
 discard 5b149a7  h-source:added German translations for the help page
 discard 6a4e5ee  h-source:improved search, now also the other_names entry is 
 discard 759f536  h-source:added preview button for the description entry and 
for the wiki pages
 discard c91e85d  h-source:added German
 discard 0ada72d  h-client:set sandbox.h-node.com as default server
 discard 94dcbc0  h-client:the last device is now selected after each 
 discard d52fe73  h-client:added other_names entry - part 3
 discard 662b118  h-client:added other_names entry - part 2
 discard be74e4d  h-client:added other_names entry - part 1
 discard 79c6af1  h-source:modified form.php
 discard a3ee6d8  h-source:improved the help page
 discard de51b63  h-source:improved the way forms are managed - part 2, 
improved help pages
 discard 59a70fc  h-source:improved the way forms are managed
 discard 3c1f2df  h-source:added the other_names entry
 discard 1b84f9b  h-source:minor changes
 discard a60b8d9  h-source:added architecture entry for notebooks
 discard 929e290  h-source:update headers in some files
 discard afc02bc  h-source:added new EasyGiant SVN version
 discard 7fdac30  h-source:added the driver entry for 3g-cards
 discard 7b265a7  h-client:improved the parsing of the lsusb output
 discard 10a7a54  h-client:added new class-subclass-protocol for USB devices
 discard 7dbd7dc  h-client:added device icons and classes
 discard 02e4de3  h-client:removed temporary fields
 discard 2c3a045  h-client:improved the way pci devices are detected
 discard c155346  h-client:improved the way pci devices are detected
 discard 59d4923  h-client:improved the way the device tree is created
 discard b01d781  h-client: unknown devices now listed in the device tree
 discard dfdf116  h-client:added unknown device
 discard f32b61c  h-client:USB printers can now be submitted by means of the 
 discard f7b8505  h-client: USB printers listed in the device tree in the client
 discard 341a912  h-client: improved the parsing of the lsusb command
 discard 118909b  h-client: started the parsing of the lsusb command
 discard 529eaba  h-source:minor changes
 discard 930a411  h-source:added acquisition cards and fingerptint readers - 
part 2
 discard 931861e  h-source:added acquisition cards and fingerprint readers - 
part 1
 discard 1614aa5  h-client:used ordered dictionaries for the list of allowed 
 discard 0e2f0ad  h-client:implemented a feature to help the user to select the 
 discard a22dc9e  h-client:improved submit process
 discard 77320f7  h-client:improved synchronize
 discard 9fb4924  h-client:implemented big icons
 discard e4ef6b1  h-client:modified the delete event function for the login 
 discard 8869eb5  h-client:changed default node
 discard 28c33a5  h-client:added icons
 discard 41edb31  h-client:inproved submit process
 discard 6668f4d  h-client: added the devices icons
 discard 9e15571  h-source: added contributors.txt file
 discard 3b31721  h-client:implemented information button
 discard 014fe46  h-client:improved errors handling
 discard efe7068  h-source: added the driver entry for wifi and videocards
 discard 5a90d52  h-source: improved the way errors are shown
 discard 105117e  h-client:implemented submit button
 discard 1a42c1c  h-source:improved the way license is shown
 discard f178c9a  h-client:improved submit button
 discard 023cb11  h-client: changed the URL to check if the user is logged
 discard 1c0b439  h-source: added the ClientController and the license.phpfile
 discard 0234c46  h-client: improved the way errors are shown
 discard 24349e9  h-client:implemented login - requested svn version of h-source
 discard 2444b6a  start the integration of the submit button
 discard 80569fc  added error bar on the bottom side
 discard efd2c80  improved GUI, alert when the server is not reachable
 discard f6b4db0  added synchronize button and reset button
 discard 558ef7d  h-client:added toolbar and apply button
 discard a2b6834  h-client: modified software description
 discard 75789d1  added License.txt, copyright.txt and readme.txt to the 
h-client package
 discard 18ba19e  improved GUI: added entries
 discard 5f03c52  added license
 discard e0c5b36  added Client::setNode()
 discard dec20c3  started GUI programming
 discard 266d4a8  improved hardware.php
 discard 0539a4d  html entities are now converted to utf-8 strings before the 
submission to the server
 discard 4951c1f  modified vendors.php
 discard e24dd78  changed functions.php
 discard b7a2393  improved the way the distribution entry is created
 discard d6272a6  improved the way distribution are retrieved
 discard 5d9649f  hlibrary python library: now the user distribution is 
automatically selected
 discard d72ddb0  starded h-cliend coding
 discard e7eebe7  modified UsersController.php
 discard c6e6d09  improved languages.php
 discard 27670ae  changed users controller
 discard f3d9346  Fixing typos
 discard b588efb  improved DownloadController
 discard 0a1bbc3  minor improvements
 discard 5b9a78c  added a new vendor id
 discard f43df8e  changed the download icon, new icon made by Luis Alberto 
 discard d6fc4f4  improved the vendor selection
 discard fdd5ccd  vendor is now automatically obtained from vendorid, except 
for notebooks
 discard 632f611  added bluetooth - part 1
 discard e9973f3  added list of actions carried out by administrators
 discard d7cc67e  improved diff algorithm
 discard 08c616b  modified the way the token is used inside IssuesController.php
 discard fd6f1fd  improved i18n
 discard da8c103  improved wiki
 discard 084c612  added new EasyGiant library
 discard a855ea3  improved wiki
 discard 0f42e1a  improved wiki
 discard 265e070  admin users can now delete and block wiki pages
 discard 378301c  improved wiki
 discard c91a070  improved wiki
 discard 4a27b51  improved wiki
 discard d85570c  improved wiki
 discard 8c28799  added wiki - part 2
 discard 1854075  added wiki - part 1
 discard 99e87e1  improved history
 discard bd506cb  changed website.css to main.css
 discard f41bc47  started mediawiki integration
 discard 323d1b3  improved history
 discard 26fca82  added vendors name
 discard 51138d1  improved actions history
 discard 1df7d5d  added webcam vendors
 discard 2465c85  added webcam vendors
 discard 49817ee  improved search page
 discard db9f04b  improved search page
 discard 12e4365  added wifi vendors
 discard 2371c55  improved SearchController.php
 discard d36a10d  improved i18n - added some vendor manes
 discard 057f855  changed languages.php
 discard d50db83  improved i18n
 discard 7993765  added webcams - part 2
 discard 190ded0  added webcams - part 1
 discard 67f94bb  improved login
 discard 822005d  improved search page
 discard 75be186  improved search
 discard 10bbe35  improved search
 discard 662e663  improved search page
 discard 6fceaf2  characters / [ and ] are now allowed for the model name
 discard 3b289df  improved search page
 discard 3a60b2a  improved search page
 discard 4ace834  improved search and impagination with CSS
 discard 4e4b0e8  modified the search view files
 discard f51c3d8  added mail notifications for talk messages
 discard 1ddc358  added atheros as vendor name
 discard ece59ba  removed atheros vendor for wifi cards
 discard 77758a4  added atheros vendor for wifi cards
 discard 3ada791  improved i18n
 discard 86394e8  added Lemote as vendor name
 discard 2c4ef50  moderators can open/close issues - part 2
 discard 98cde2d  moderators can now open/close issues - part 1
 discard 547b270  added ESI as vendor name and added @ as allowed characters 
for the model name for Soundcards
 discard c24e925  added Dragora 2.0
 discard e9aa717  changed sort-by options for sound cards
 discard 3f18a25  added the subtype entry (laser,inkjet,..) for printers
 discard 18d7cd4  improved the way issues are sorted
 discard b1ee308  added Trisquel 4.5 Slane to the list of the allowed 
 discard d63c9b1  added soundcards - part 2
 discard bd2f427  added sound cards - part 1
 discard 5821426  added Realtek vendor and dropped the check upon the model 
name (it can be duplicated)
 discard aff1f89  improved i18n
 discard d530c7b  improved i18n - part 2
 discard 1d2c9e0  improved i18n
 discard 87e2c9d  added NorepeatModel and other minor issues
 discard b037354  moderators actions list visible - part 2
 discard b64ea63  moderators can now consult the list of actions carried out by 
other moderators
 discard 498e38b  changed date format in DownloadController.php
 discard af9ebb7  improved download controller
 discard 559bc64  improved download controller
 discard 4477a95  added bios and webcam entries in the notebook category
 discard 4daafef  moderators can block/unblock users - part 2
 discard 049e376  moderators can now block/unblock users - part 1
 discard b006de4  corrected credits italian page
 discard 6fb6e48  changed headers
 discard e396d15  improved the way interfaces can be listed
 discard de4b367  improved users history - part 2
 discard 19272c7  improved users history - part 1
 discard 4641de8  added 3G cards
 discard 871d423  minor changes in IssuesController and IssuesModel
 discard 7d5c437  no public notice is left where a message is deleted by a 
 discard 2c3856d  added noscript alert and some other minor issues
 discard eeaaf2e  added filters in the videocards catalogue page and added the 
possibility to add videocards that do not work
 discard 0eec362  added max number of characters allowed for the e_mail entry
 discard 38e8ae7  changed position of the license header inside README.txt
 discard 5893bd4  added license header inside README.txt
 discard 232aa19  added files
 discard a17e3e0  created subtree

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