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[Gwm-general] Bobby wrote:

From: Bobby Lyons
Subject: [Gwm-general] Bobby wrote:
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 21:29:17 -0060

Get the New Year Rolling Right!

Company: PHYA   
Current Price: $1.70    
Target Price: $4.00     

        Physicians Adult Daycare (PHYA) is set up for huge returns.     
This news is hot off the press and going to have a huge impact over the coming 
         Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. to Increase Revenue by 83%!

         HOUSTON, TX--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 3, 2007 -- Physicians Adult    
Daycare, Inc. announced today that an agreement to purchase an  
additional adult daycare company has been executed      

         Go to your favorite financial news source to read the details.  
While there also read about the big negotiations going on with major Asian 
Further acquisitions are in the works and we are expecting a huge       
revelation to come out of the company any day. 

        All of these fortuitous events are coming together and sending this one 
straight up!  Don't miss it! ! 

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