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[Gwm-general] balmy preserves

From: Ray Wong
Subject: [Gwm-general] balmy preserves
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 11:07:15 +0100
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My goal pace was eight-minute miles, and I worked hard to run most of my training runs at that pace, or faster for downhill. It's all Larissa's fault.
First it is hard, and second it is fun.
And with car dieting, comes biking.
Zacatecnice a nove tvare vitany!
We learned that their were not just four kids but four dads, none of them P. And my life is in utter chaos.
What could be better?
There's this guy, who evidently was in our high school class with us, although we didn't know him at the time. hratky byly nase sladke tajemstvi, ale nebranim se jen obc.
But there's no doubting that this good idea, loved by many, has been embraced by the good team at Cafe au Play.
Getting ready for the state fair was a heroine's journey, if, that is, you like your heroines unshowered, strung out on Stumptown's finest Guatemalan beans, and running on a few hours' sleep. Have I already mentioned that I like a challenge? "Mom said we are going to move to Taylor's house next week! So, for my birthday, we got girls. Oddly the loveliest photos I took for this pool are still yet to be uploaded, and were taken of my knitting of Larissa's meathead hat, right after we met. I've never noticed their knitting and crocheting section, so maybe it's new. They fight over the biggest portion of dessert, over who gets to wear the desirable hat, over who can convince me to carry her bag home from school. The elder is manipulative, the younger, a victim. The cable pattern is loosely based on Trellis.
the younger, out of unknown grandma yarn and lots of bits of left-over Noro silk garden.
Larissa and I had a lovely time, and I stayed up late piecing together the majority of my miniature quilt.
We weren't even the last people to turn in our goodies.
He's one of Jonathan's sister's projects. They are affectionate and desperate for attention. I'd like to suggest the latter. I doubt Licklick will win any sort of ribbon, yet, I adore him. I doubt Licklick will win any sort of ribbon, yet, I adore him. About four weeks ago, this particular one suddenly announced he had an ex-girlfriend, who lived in another state.
She posted this photo on flickr, and next thing you know, it's an "along," and I'm swept up in it all.

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