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[Gwm-general] cheeseburger there

From: Clifford Ayala
Subject: [Gwm-general] cheeseburger there
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:15:04 +0300

Thesestruck Niels so forcibly that, for the first time, he took the leadin asking a question.
The place was so utterly lonesome that it reminded Niels of thewood-cutters houses in fairy tales.
Cabell felt that he was looking at a place he had never seenbefore. Without his being conscious of it she intrigued Niels.
Her dress was of dark-blue print, made with no view toprettiness or style, but spotlessly clean. Take a prairie farm, now, whichsells for six thousand dollars, let me say.
Youve got your nerve, he said admiringly.
And thats for six, seven years of back-breakingwork; and sometimes for longer.
Yes, if you could get a homestead out in the openprairie . Niels looked at the girl and expected some kind of introduction;but none was vouchsafed. Nelson found the house; and his vigorous knocking soon brought aresponse. On the yard, the snow lay six inches deep; more was filtering down.
And he reached for a Bible on the window-shelf. Andmeanwhile you havent been working sos to make a cripple out ofyourself. But somehow, when Niels looked ather, a great desire came over him to make her smile.
Four or fivedifferent parties prepared to leave. The trail was crossed and criss-crossed by cattle paths.
Then he wentcrazy and joined the Baptists. Copyright laws are changing all over the world.
On the yard there was a great deal of bustle.
Many spoke German which Amundsenseemed to understand though he spoke it only in a broken way.

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