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[Gwm-general] conduct sacrificial

From: Sue Orr
Subject: [Gwm-general] conduct sacrificial
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 07:53:33 -0000

We do well to make peace with the Rrrllya, Lur. The Witch-woman said:Just what does that mean, Dwayanu?
We ask youonly this: waste neither words nor time on Tibur. By now the enclosure was almost empty of soldiersand captives. There were some who said it was by the Lord Tibur . Or convince Evalie of it, and have herbring about a peace. Yourstrength was ebbing with your friends life.
Icould hear them talking from point to point along the far bank of theriver. Abruptly, all about me the battle broke out afresh. And all those others who stoodby me this day. So you want no war with the little yellow dogs? I was casting a net over Sirk and did not want its meshes broken.
She made no resistance, but I felt her shrink from me.
It was the moment for which I had waited! GATE OF KHALKRUWe were close to Karak when the drums of the Little People beganbeating. I saw his hand dip into his girdle, knew what wascoming. I brought it up and drove it into Tiburs throat just beneath his jaw.
Before he could clench me again, my hand had swept down into thegirdle and clutched the dart.
At the shoulder of that man was a slighterfigure whose clear, brown eyes stared at me . But under that numbness seethed a tortured rage, a torturedhorror.
I felt a touch on my shoulder; with difficulty I looked up.
If they do, we shall be at their throats, Dwayanu. Twice he had tried treacherously to kill me.

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