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[Gwm-general] speed limit

From: Morgan Dennis
Subject: [Gwm-general] speed limit
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 13:19:35 +0300

Im Tam Nickson, and yell be the professor they telled me o.
Since you are in love with her you must needs make a rogue of herhusband. I heard some silly tale of a duel, she said. Hes a dacent auld body that gangs his ain gait like Tam Nicksonand meddles little wi Hungrygrain.
Hes a wise man to go armedin a den of thieves like Yonderdale. Meantime, since I see you are recovered, I shallreturn to bed. She has few friendsand none of her own age, and the world is a closed book to her.
Thethreesome draibbled in at the back o fower oclock. Some say the Deils deid and buried in Kirkcaldy, Bob quotedoracularly.
Its no often a learned man comes to Yonderdale. You, Bob, must try the manse, for you know the road and you knowthe minister.
Was it shepherding him into afatal corner? Imust meet my friends at once, tell them what little I know, andprepare a plan. I hate the fellow like poison, but hes no hedge-murderer. Therest o Yonderdale has ither things to think o.
A mansunco kempeckle gaun up tillt, but once hes there he can spy outa Hungrygrain.
She had the same softintonation, the same slight drawling lisp. Presentlythey went abroad and dwelt in beautiful places to which war had notcome.
Oh, I cannot explainto you the bottomless futility of such ways.
And then one day it came true, andthe fairy prince rode up.

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