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[Gwm-general] healthy conceal

From: Millie Groves
Subject: [Gwm-general] healthy conceal
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 06:15:06 -0000

As yet,however, she had no inkling of the plot. Sue Henderson and her mother cuther dead. This is thesecond time the Diamonds near been busted. Jim, there are Ed Darnell and Molly, interrupted Gloriana, suddenly. Slinger, I hope you didnt tell these wild men what you did inBabbitts, he returned. Jim was not prepared for this vision of loveliness. After a moment of greeting Curly elbowedan entrance for the others into the colourful hall.
Dont anybody move a hair, ordered Curly, and the pivoting of his gunindicated the other players.
Curly an I made a round of the gamblin-placesthis afternoon.
Two men behind him came up, evidently his companions, andcurious.
Jim, there are Ed Darnell and Molly, interrupted Gloriana, suddenly.
Life is orful hard fer a cowpuncher when hes in love, observed Bud.
Tomorrow night is thisChristmas Eve dance. Molly uttered an exclamation which was surelyamazed protest.
An afterwardshe begged so hard, an I longed so to go to the dance, thet I went. Finally he said, gently: Darling, do you have any idea to what extremesyou may drive me? Molly looked wonderfully sweet and pretty in her new dress.
That had been his intention, should opportunity offer. No, this is home, till youve grown out of your school-girl days. Glory, if it wasnt for that, Id be theproudest escort you ever had at any dance. He gave his mouthand chin the weakness characterising the over-indulgence in drink.
Jim, I am enjoying myself, admitted Gloriana, with a blush. Moveover, it had potency to make her eyes pop open.
As they approached Molly she appeared to shrink, all except her big darkeyes.
You know I wouldnt lie, replied Jim,most earnestly. Oh, yes, Jim dear, it is too late, she sighed, mournfully. Themodest little parlour was warm and comfortable indeed, compared with theblustery outdoors.
Am I to understand that this fusillade is kindly meant? But somehow Jim still loves you, an I reckon I do, too.
Hump says hes too crippled yet an willonly look on. Hump says hes too crippled yet an willonly look on. Jim espied Jackson Way with a pretty brunette girl.
Were layin low, Boss, honest Injun, averred Bud.
Jim had forgottenthat Slinger was Mollys brother, her guardian, in his own estimation, atany rate.

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