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[Gwm-general] blemished

From: Erasmus Poe
Subject: [Gwm-general] blemished
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:32:18 +0300

She rapped at the door; there came no other sound. This time he did not sleep; the noise of London kept him awake;besides he was alone.
Illusion, more lasting than in any of her victims, was in her.
It lay, a mass of broken and discolouredwood, upon the ground.
He saw her fall, and in his bemused mind he felt her as a dangerto his peace.
But you did know your part, Pauline answered.
And theresuddenly before him was Sir Aston Moffatt. Its floor slid away, hundreds of yards downward.
And theresuddenly before him was Sir Aston Moffatt. I can run faster thanyou, she added truthfully.
Hugh said, Yes, but whats all there is to it?
She too,like Myrtle Fox, screamed and vomited.
She said, separating withdifficulty words hardly distinguishable from gabble: I can helpyou. He did not; his hate and his grudge were personal and obscene. Sothen, my uncle says, I can stay with them for a few days till Ivefound rooms or a room. So he had gone home, andindulged irritation.
Were likethe Elizabethan drama, living in at least two time schemes. Whoever was found there was subject to it, tothe law of exchanged good. Hugh said she would probably be wise enough not to ring the bell. The voice seemed to penetrate Wentworths mind.
At the door of this shed, close to thecemetery railing, stood the woman who had spoken.

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