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[Gwm-general] lethal

From: Clara Sweeney
Subject: [Gwm-general] lethal
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 16:01:28 +0300

Perhaps you had better not speak of the matter. These are very deep waters, said he; pray go on with yournarrative. Ihave no wish to commit you to anything without your having it alllaid before you. With a grave face he lit the lamp and led the way down thecorridor.
Suddenly, however, he started, tapped me on theshoulder, and pointed over the meadows.
Then we can hardly get there before midnight. My name, sir; but you have the advantage of me, said mycompanion quietly.
I dashed some brandy into the water,and the colour began to come back to his bloodless cheeks.
Do not go asleep; your very life may depend upon it.
Your life maydepend upon your compliance.
And you may expect us early in the afternoon. As it happens, he spoke of coming into town to-day upon somemost important business. It is certain,therefore, that my sister was quite alone when she met her end. This man strikes even deeper, but I think, Watson, that we shallbe able to strike deeper still.
It gave evenmy hardened nerves a shudder to look at it.
We got off, paid our fare, and the trap rattled back on its wayto Leatherhead. That is quite settled, said he, rising and puttinghis lens in his pocket.
Yes, there were several little changes carried out about thattime. Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession.
As you both locked your doors at night, your rooms wereunapproachable from that side.
It was nearly one oclock when Sherlock Holmes returned from hisexcursion.
Both Miss Stoner and I gazed at him in astonishment.
May I ask who it was who gave me so good a character?
These are very deep waters, said he; pray go on with yournarrative.
We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horriblecrime.
Holmes, I cried, I seem to see dimly what you are hinting at.
Beside this table, on the wooden chair, sat Dr. For half an hour I sat with straining ears.

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