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[Gwm-general] taxable

From: Oliver Boyd
Subject: [Gwm-general] taxable
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 21:36:40 +0200

If what they say is trueshe wasnt so much before she married Capn Elijah and his money. I dread the thought ofany trouble between the Trumans and the Bradfords, she said. The heft of what Ibuy is junk and most of my customers are junk customers, as youmight say. Tadgett, hastily seizing hiscoat and hat, hurried out. A bodyd think all I had to do was listen to you mentalk. Captain Abijah made one more call upon his nephew. And tis,too, the way prices for them kind of boards are runnin thesedays.
Dont know why I keepcallin her old, he added. It belonged to your grandfather, you say. Thats what I kept askin myself for ten minutes after she hove insight. Her husband and poor Silas wereclose dear friends and partners.
Speakup, so every one can hear what you say. He hadneglected, in arranging with Banks for the hearing, to insist thatit be strictly private.
Ebenezer, he said withfeeling, youre a brick.
Banks did not see him again for several days.
Well, Hettie, he demanded, how about us Bradfords havin to huntup a hole to stick our heads into? I think the lowboy was just more or less ofan excuse. Say, Banks, would it be all right if I fetched Sheba in here someday sos she can see you usin it?
The only thing Ididnt know was that anybody would pay three hundred dollars forit.
Through the sycamores the candlelights are gleaming On the banks of the Wabash, far away.
One more outbreak of thatkind, he announced, and the room will be cleared. He was a stout elderly man, rather pompous; alawyer of the old school.
Dragged awayfrom my housework, dinner dishes not done, and compny comin to-morrow.
Judge Bangs, he said, I should like to askMr.
His wife was still staring fixedly at the wall above Banks head. But furs I could make out there want any trouble at all. Either you need a keeper or Ido, was his parting observation.
Suppose he does take alickin from Oscar Brooks and Maybelle Truman, what of it?
Trumanbought that sideboard; she knew she bought it.
Brooks looked triumphantlyabout the room. It was intended as a joke, but Cousin Hettie did not take it asone.

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