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[Gwm-general] incidental barge

From: Herman Mays
Subject: [Gwm-general] incidental barge
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:07:06 +0700

Nevertheless, something very disturbingbegan to go round inside him; and he swallowed hard.
John wasforgotten; was reckoned to the dead before he was actually of them. And before the following daywas out, she was heartily sorry she had not left him at home.
And as she watched, an extraordinarychange came over the shrunken, jaundiced face.
Ah, thank God, the muzzle of medical etiquette is off my jowl! And as she watched, an extraordinarychange came over the shrunken, jaundiced face.
But no sooner did they reach Ballarat than the trouble began. The afternoon before, an odd thing happened. Those he had left young were now middle-aged the middle-aged had grownold.
But what COULD it hurt now whetherpeople knew what was the matter with him or not? Fortunately this very person was at hand in theshape of Zara.
And at last themoment came when the watchers waited for the next .
I say,DO you remember, Poll, how Purd used to ride down from Melbourne?
Already floating out on the great river, John yet heard these words andwas arrested by them. And faithful to a promise, Miss Juliawas back with Emmy inside an hour. Butat three years old even a short absence digs a breach. Mark my words, Tilly will knock him into shape.
Hewould learn that he had one faithful soul at his side, one shoulder tolean on.
Andhow, when ed gone, I d count the days off on me fingers till edcome again?
Purdy looked asif he couldnt believe his eyes; ejaculated: What, Dick? But somehow I dont believe ell be awaster.
Whats more, Iintend to keep it; just let it lie, have it to draw on, in case oftrouble.
For she knew too well the advantage ofa private purse into which you could dip at will. Itwas one persons while to receive the visitors, answer the letters,acknowledge the gifts. And did thishappen, and Papa lose all his money, then would come HER chance. Yes, Emmy knew before any one else that somedisaster had come upon her father.
Concealing the truthmeant all sorts of awkward complications.

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