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[Gwm-general] graphically pucker

From: Neville Carlson
Subject: [Gwm-general] graphically pucker
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 23:30:47 +0300

What was it Timothyhad said: Consols are going up!
She had never had any after she marriedhim. Toolate, though; somebodys made a pot over him.
And, with a farewell nod, she led theway.
Lets bathe first and find out afterwards. But Greenwater must look sharp after the colt.
Entirely without approval his heart was beating painfully. I must try and find him something thatll take his attentionoff. Is he any good, or just the ordinary cock-and-bull type? Well, tragedys extreme; and we dont like extremes.
What a lot of cars, and what a lot of people!
That dog of his may have picked up a measleyflea.
Jack Cardigans voice said in his ear:What are you going to back, Uncle Soames?
Great change inwashing during his lifetime.
In my opinion, said Soames, theres a great deal more in fleasthan they think. There was achap watching the gallop last Monday.
How long alone, he didnt know, for he wastired, and, in spite of his concern, he dozed.
Fleur had caught them all, but neverscarlet fever.
And to think that athing smaller than one of those dust-motes could give a child atemperature.
On the Monday of Ascotweek Val was the more surprised, then, to hear his trainer remark:Mr.

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