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[Gwm-general] pa carbon dioxide

From: Lesley Sims
Subject: [Gwm-general] pa carbon dioxide
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 01:13:38 -0000

Possibly Gran thought perpetual motion would help toelude deaths grip on the oiled child. She raised her zinc helmet to findherself circled by his arms. I will plant sweet peas to climb on the fence, she said happily.
Vancouver had just built herself a fine Art Gallery.
Merciful night came down and hid the scanties and the rest.
But then hedid not have to run a House of All Sorts. I stuck itback into my pocket-did not deign an answer. The yellow-haired boy crawled among the legsof furniture and bumped on bric-a-brac.
When my fullprice was on the table I put my hand in my pocket, handed him thekey. A man was ejected,thudding on each step, finally lying in a huddle on the cementwalk. Next morning Petrie swaggered up to my flat, asked to use mytelephone.
The child was tucked into his mothers darning-basketwhich was placed on the dining table. I put flowers on the table, fine linen; I wrotea little poem for each place.
People walked until they were tired,then went home chilled.
She was scarcely gone before shewas back. I shallkeep every bit; I expect to entertain members of the Choral SocietyI belong to.
The other tenants have beenkindly and patient.
Victorias smart set said Beacon Hill was out of the way.
Possibly Gran thought perpetual motion would help toelude deaths grip on the oiled child. As the children grew older they got bored by Mothers poems and byhunger.
I trembled, wondering what I was going to say to him. There they dangled,out of the way till wanted, when they were lowered to the floor.
Between this glass-and-bristle forest and the great northlight the space was particularly my own. It was like drawing teeth to part with it. The kitchen had standing room only in front of the cook stove andat the sink.
Pillcrest is visiting; she will doubtless bereturning soon.
Slowly he fumbled withthe bill-roll, laid five ones on the table beside the two tens.

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