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[Gwm-general] vision

From: Em Butler
Subject: [Gwm-general] vision
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 10:34:13 +0300

Gursey was even a littlemore sullen than usual and Peters looked worried. Tells everybody to send his kidhome if they sees him.
Didnt he tell me to keep an eye on the horses lest Jem betempted? He could hear them runningabout the floor, snarling and biting each other.
Withoutunderstanding, he sensed something between them.
Say, to send a young brat back to hisfather. He clutched his ears, then rushed at the door and kicked it shut.
Its Peters who told you thatdrunken gossip.
But Gurseywithheld himself, brooding with Peters over a dark secret. Illtell Sambo to show you the country behind the red hill, as yourein a hurry. Chapter Twenty-nineTHE FIGHTShe sent no answer.
He ruffledhis sparse grey hair desperately.
Everyone suffered from thefeeling of being hedged in. Even the ants camein hordes greater than ever. Glancing round the big room, whitewashed, spotless, Cabell thought:Ah, she sleeps in there, then. His mouth was slimyand acrid-tasting, his face stiff with dried blood. Dawn was the merciful gateway to another day of thought-obliterating work. The horse shook itself, lay down androlled.
Sevenyears come Christmas and hed be back home, twas so he spoke. Evenshootings too good for some men in this country. The horse shook itself, lay down androlled. Of course it wont be for long, Cabell snapped him up. She drew a deep breath and her breastsswelled under the thin dress. Everyone suffered from thefeeling of being hedged in.
The evening he returned, darkand silent, Gursey said, McFarlane was here. He spun round and met a whirlwind of fists that stretched him flaton his back.
I could put in some goodDurhams and a couple of horses.
Besides, you cant spare a man, with shearing near. The hot winds sucked up gustsof stinging dust. He found Peters mixingflour and water for a damper.
Everymug of water wriggled with the tadpoles of mosquitoes. She screamed and covered her face withher hands.
Lounging in the doorway, he studied the hard line of her profile.
He nodded, to fill a gap of silence, during which she watched himimpatiently, wanting him to go.

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