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[Gwm-general] instructive ladder

From: Osmund Caldwell
Subject: [Gwm-general] instructive ladder
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 17:53:36 +0300

If the sergeant-majorhas got his back up with me, I dare say I can stick it.
An you dont want to mind what any bloody officer says toyou, see?
They ignored that silly assumption that men are equal.
Bourne had always liked his hair very short. Only you didnt say all that you was thinkin. Respectable people, you know; I should say the oldgirl ad quite a bit o rattle to er. Me mother always says youve got to be patient wi folk,an folk aint got no patience now.
She had insisted that he should be present, so that he would knowexactly how much everything cost.
Likes you to be quiet an wipe your feet on the mat.
There are none here, sir, protested the sergeant-major.
Major Shadwell and Captain Malet had no distinctions.
I dont know anything about him, Bourne explained. Je serai tres contente si vous voulez bien lalire. You dont want to sit there showin the olebloody world all youve got.
Youllget a thick ear yourself, if you dont stop laffin. We shall go out and have abeano together.
I wouldnt trustany of them round the corner with a threepenny bit; not unless Iwere a sergeant. The hand, a little red and shiny from work, flutteredon his sleeve.
After all, if the girl were notbeautiful, she had poise and character.
I onlywanted to, get out o the way, I did. Well, me mother were, said Martlow, grinning. Well, if you cant answer the question for yourself, you musthave been, said Shem, reasonably.
The town, however, was for the mostpart earlier than the days when towns came to be planned. Do you think I have got no more sensethan a kid or an old woman?

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