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[Gwm-general] eight

From: Mildred Stafford
Subject: [Gwm-general] eight
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 08:05:11 -0600

Earlyin the morning the mother came to me, very fussed. I have known her since she was a child, but I could not introduceyou to each other. There are qualities of sound and qualities of silence.
The tenants began coming to me with complaints, and I had to godown and talk to the mother.
There was the same still radiance about them as abouther. He took advantageof her bargaining but he shivered at her boasting in front of meabout it.
I asked her for the rentseveral times but she always put me off.
The shockhad racked the young mans nerves to pieces. She clutched the honey-haired creature to her.
Thegirl would be two days with her parents before the ceremony.
I was making my garden when they came to live in my house. She tidied the flat all day and he untidied it all night. Or I would cry over the balconyrail, Ki-hi, Ki-hi! He looked a fiend gloweringat me and clenching his fists. Parson Pendergastthrew everything portable at the cats. One outer door was common to their flat and to mine.
The key hopped into the mans pocket and the rent hoppedinto mine. Every soul in it was startled from his sleep. People sitting with idle hands suggestedfondling, which dogs love. I spoke before I saw how they felt, she sobbed. I ran up and down the stairs with jellies and gruel. The town is full of such, said the officer. They dangled from her hands by cordsand loops, or she could never have managed them all. She held one of his hands,with the other he was feeling, feeling everything that he couldreach.
His mouth was square andaggressive; out of it came foul oaths. The measles took their course under a doctor and a trained nurse.
Furthermore sheasked that I prepare an extra room I had below for her maid.
Scum of the earth squeezing into the shoes ofhonest men gone overseas. Always at noon on Sundays I dined with my sisters in our old homeround the corner. He went to the garden gate, turned; such a sparkle in his eye itfairly lit the garden.
He went to the garden gate, turned; such a sparkle in his eye itfairly lit the garden.

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