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[Gwm-general] ascetic

From: Margery Hall
Subject: [Gwm-general] ascetic
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 17:14:17 +0300

Otherwise Id be glad to come round to your house. Her shapelyarms and hands, her smooth skin and her bright eyes as she smiledup at him. Why couldnt she sense nowthat he was outside and come out? Also that the girls were attracted to him and that he was not somuch afraid of them. He heldthe boat very still as she stepped. Well, then, how about the end of that street you live in?
His eyes the nightbefore had told her that.
We havent fixed on the time forWednesday. They weredecidedly tempting and on two occasions already the marauders hadbrought Mrs. And he was thinking how different was his position here to what ithad been in Kansas City. She was, however, halfhoping that Shurlock would invite Clyde and that he would accept. Well pick these here first and then if she hasnt come,Ill paddle down nearer to where she is.
He might even put his armsaround her waist, and she might let him.
Just step square in thecenter and that will balance it. He a factory manager and shean employee in his department. And to think he was making a clandestine appointment withher.
His nerves becamevery taut, his throat and lips, dry, for here and now was hisopportunity.
And he must find some way thatwould appear as accidental and hence as innocent to her as toothers.
And how they might sitand talk, and hold hands perhaps. Ill have to think you are if you say anything likethat so quickly. Theres plenty of room and I can take you anywhere you want to go. Actually it was as thoughshe were suddenly diffused with joy, enveloped in a rosy mist. Just takehold of that branch there and steady yourself by that. And yet his desires weremost colorfully inflamed by her. At the same time she began to call: Oh,Gray-ace!
He a factory manager and shean employee in his department. But at ten, the moon becoming too bright, and no Roberta appearing,he decided to leave. He heldthe boat very still as she stepped.
Had he not madea foolish move, after all, in coming on here? That would be terrible,as some people here would see it, she knew.
And Roberta, fascinated by this confession and yet a littlefrightened by it, added: Is that so?

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