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Subject: [Gwm-general] I NEED YOU AS PARTNERSHIP
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 19:02:24 +0200

Dear Sir/Madam
  It is my honour to request your assistance on this business proposition which 
if pursued to its conclusion will be of immerse benefit to both of us, this 
request may seem strange but I hope you will view it with all seriousness in 
appreciation of your esteemed contact received through a reliable source and 
the choice of your country. I wish to introduce myself to you as Mr. Tutu 
Johnson from Zimbabwe the son of the former leader Richest Black Farmer (Dr. 
Ruben Johnson) and also close aid/friend to the President of Movement for 
Democratic Change, (MDC) Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, my father was the only Black 
Farmer leader that insist that White Farmers should remains in Zimbabwe and 
help build Zimbabwe's future also growth of the Economy, before our Dictator 
Leadership President Robert Mugabe order to kill my father for injustice.

 Mr. Robert Mugabe believes with the influence of my Father the MDC might 
overthrow him and he began to seize our mansion Building and refroze our 
account within his power and also there was a grand conspiracy to 
systematically destroy all that is owned by my father that is why I am seeking 
your immediate assistance.
 More so, my mother Mrs Julie Johnson and I tried and eventually succeeded in 
securing some of these assets, which include a mansion and some physical cash. 
This is to avoid the present government from confiscating his whole property. 
We left Zimbabwe with the total amount of Fifty Five Million United States 
Dollars only, which we brought to Spain and deposited same sealed with a 
security company as value diplomatic documents belonging to our foreign 
  After the deposition of the money, we were left with no other option than to 
run back to my mother homeland of South Africa, after my mother was asked to 
leave Spain, which made the national headlines in the news, I came back to 
Spain in order to move this money out immediately to avoid being confiscated. I 
got into Spain through a good contact and applied for refugeeĀ’s statues as 
asylum seeker, which is being pending in foreign affairs department of the 
Spanish government.
  The problem now is that we are looking for a trustworthy partner in a stable 
economy who can help us move the money out of Spain. Due to the stringent 
financial policy of the current president and the Organization of Africa Unity, 
it is virtually impossible for me to invest money in Zimbabwe or anywhere in 
Africa continent. In that case, I want to know if you can help me transfer the 
funds into your account in your country or elsewhere since time is not on my 
side. It is true that we have neither met nor known each other before, but the 
information I gather on your credibility makes me believe that with trust and 
honestly, we will achieve a huge success in about a month. I wish to also leave 
Spain to your country immediately the fund goes into your account.
  For your noble assistance and well assurance of safeguarding, once the whole 
funds come under your care, I will offer you fifteen percent of the total sum, 
five percent will be set aside for any expenses IF ANY that might be incurred 
by both parties during the transaction, while the remaining eighty percent will 
be used for investment. Also you will be entitled to five percent payment from 
annual turnover in whatever business undertaking you advice us to go into. 
However, this arrangement will only hold for a period of ten consecutive years. 
This business is completely risk free because every arrangement has been for a 
successful deal.
  I expect your immediate response so that we can conclude this transaction in 
the very shortest time, I wish you also keep this business highly confidential 
and because I do not want anything to happen to this fund. Do contact me via 
this email: address@hidden as soon as possible. 

Thanks and God bless.
 Yours faithfully,
Tutu Johnson

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