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[Gwm-general] porous

From: Paula Berger
Subject: [Gwm-general] porous
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 08:04:12 +0900

I had had such a dull, bored evening with Teddy.
I thank my stars I didnt lose my interest in youthfulthings when I lost my youth. I fell on his neck and kissed him as soon as Isaw him. And how we would have loved each other between them!
A huge, round, striped ballunrolled itself on her bed and opened wide pink jaws. Have I time to take off my things before the ceremony?
The old Tansy Patch was sold to some Halifaxman for a summer home. In that book thathasnt been opened for over twenty-five years?
There was none of his significantnods and winks.
He married me and took me home to Malton where his people lived. New Moon was unchanged,undisturbed by the changes that came elsewhere. The expensive part of it was a present from Ilses old great-auntsin Scotland, Mrs. Most of the guests were afraid to speak, for fearof saying the wrong thing. Emilyexclaimed with unusual, un-Murray-like violence.
Teddy and Halsey are waiting for thesignal to go into the drawing-room.
Emily gave a little choked cry of denial.
Emily, do yourealize that by this time to-morrow Ill be Ilse Kent? IVStay with me to-night, Emily, entreated Ilse. But ofcourse she would mention it when she took the book back.
For weeks Ive been afraid that if Ilet myself be quiet for a moment Id BOLT.
Emily, with more of a nightmare feeling than ever, went down thehall and knocked on Ilses door. A daintyservice in a quaint old-fashioned rose design.
And she felt too tired to care for readjustment. Hes still in theclutches of his old ancestral temper. She plucked it from the bosom of her dress and kissed it almostsavagely. That was just as good as screaming on the floor.
The aunts and cousins fluttereddownstairs. Emily wondered she could speak so calmly of it.

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