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[Gwm-general] get in while the price is still low

From: Ali Newsome
Subject: [Gwm-general] get in while the price is still low
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 09:02:20 +0300

This may turn out to be the most important email you will ever read in your financial life."We could make another million dollars...and I want you to join us!" "Each week. I tell my readers to make just 1 investment buy."
                        The Wednesday's true winner will be: CWTD

Company: China World Trade Corp
Ticker: CWTD
Current Price:  $0.99
Target Price:  $2.28    
Recommendation: STRONGBUY
                        Get on CWTD First Thing on Wednesday!

Breaking News

ESP E-ticketing Era is Launching Over China's Airlines and Major Cities in 2006, Targets an US $630 Million Market 9:31a ET August 14, 2006 (PR NewsWire)China World Trade Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CWTD) (''CWTC'') announced today that 75% of its air-ticket sales has been achieved through electronic air-ticketing by its subsidiary Guangdong New Generation Commercial Management Limited (''NG''); and NG will cautiously prepare for the complete implementation of electronic air-ticketing ("E-tickets") by 2007 all over China.

Figures showed that the E-ticket sales revenue nationwide in 2005 was US $530 million, which is 5 times to US $120 million as recorded in 2003. It is also estimated that the E-ticket sales revenue will be reaching over US $630 million in 2006.

''We hold a positive but cautious view to E-ticketing in China, convinced by the promising growth rate of the sales all over the country. 75% of our air-ticket sales through NG are now in fact E-tickets," said Mr. William Tsang, President of CWTD, ''Given the lack of a comprehensive electronic payment in China, however, most consumer are actually paying cash off-the-line. Despite that real E-ticketing purchased online is still a dream to come true, we will keep track of the technology development and stay in touch with the latest trend in the ticketing area.''
About the Company
China World Trade Corporation (CWTC) has established its business in three distinct areas: the club and business centers throughout major cities in China, business travel-related services, and business value-added services. The Club and Business Center Division is devoted to the building of the World Trade brand throughout China via the opening and operating of business clubs in China's major, positioning the CWTC to act as a platform to facilitate trade between China and the world markets. The acquisition of CEO Clubs China Limited ("CEO Clubs") in May 2004 further complements CWTC's offerings by targeting high-level corporate executives from premier companies. The Business Traveling Services Division, New Generation, provides CWTC access to the rapidly growing travel-related industry.

Members should pick up CWTD as early as possible on Wednesday. This news is going to send CWTD off the charts! We all know that in the this business it's the big announcements that makes these stocks explode!!!

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