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[Gwm-general] The Stock Market Bulls Say

From: Leanna Hogue
Subject: [Gwm-general] The Stock Market Bulls Say
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 04:26:28 -0480

Get GDKI First Thing Today, This Is Going To Explode!
Gained $1.00 Wensday the 19th alone

Check out for HOT NEWS!!!

CURRENT_PRICE: $4.00 Up from $3.00 Yesterday

Before we start with the profile of GDKI we would like to mention
something very important: There is a Big PR Campaign starting this weeek .
And it will go all week so it would be best to get in NOW.

Company Profile

Goldmark Industries, specializes in the production and distribution of
Music, Feature Fillms and Television entertainment for North America's
most rapidly growing demographic, with a total consumer-based
purchasing power of over 1 Tri||ion dollars: the Hip-Hop community.

Current News

Goldmark Industries, Inc. (GDKI - News), an emerging Urban
Entertainment force, is pleased to announce that the Company has begun to
aggressively build its Motion Picture Division with the addition of Mr. Danny
Rodriguez to the Board of Directors. In addition to bringing Mr.
Rodriguez on board as a beneficial member to the growing team of executives,
the Company has recently signed a multi-movie distribution agreement with
Mr. Rodriguez's production and distribution company, Polychrome
Pictures, for the automatic theatrical and home video distribution of feature
length films scheduled for release by Goldmark. The Company is
concurrently screening films for the possible signing of distribution
agreements through this new venture. Goldmark is making its ascent into the
multi-bi||i0n d0||ar world of urban motion picture entertainment and is
presently looking to acquire 8 to 12 films per year for release through
the multi-distribution picture deal.

Feature Films released through Polychrome Pictures are exclusively
distributed in the US and Canada by industry powerhouse, Warner Bros.
Entertainment, and currently Polychrome has a release schedule of 15-20 DVDs
set for 2006 and 2 theatrical releases including the award winnning
film "Red Doors" (Best narrative feature at 2005 Tribeca Film festival).
Creditable to the recent alliance with Polychrome Pictures, Goldmark is
scheduled to release five feature length films this year for automatic
distribution through Warner Home Video and is looking to release their
first feature film within the next couple months. In addition to
building the foundation for successful in-house production of motion picture
entertainment, Goldmark is actively looking into acquiring fully
produced feature films for immediate release through this theatrical and home
video distribution channel.
For more information check the entire news of the company announced on
July 12.

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